PCI2017 invites innovative apps from the Informatics and Telecommunication Sectors, for presentation in the conference. This display is co-organized with the Technical Chamber of Engineers, Sector of Central and Western Greece (Τεχνικό Επιμελητήριο Ελλάδας – Περιφερειακό Τμήμα Κεντρικής και Δυτικής Θεσσαλίας). …

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This is a press newsletter published in Greek. PCI2017 organizing committee members Prof. Vlachos and Prof. Tselios had a working meeting with the Region of Thessaly vice-prefect Mr. Pedis, about PCI2017. Συνάντηση εργασίας πραγματοποίησε ο αντιπεριφερειάρχης κ. Αθανάσιος Παιδής με τους …

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Authors of selected PCI2017 papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their research work to the International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing.

Since many conference related issues are still in arrangement, many parts of this site are still in TBA status (to be announced). The main information dissemination channels for PCI2017 are: this site, and the PCI2017 facebook page.